By burning gas, fuel oil, motor, coal and combustible industrial waste; the gas production is provided at the required temperature by mixing the air with the high-temperature flue gases obtained therefrom.
Hot gas is produced up to 800° C.
The thermal capacity is manufactured between 500 000 Kcal / h and 3 000 000 Kcal / h in various capacities.


  • Drying of brick, briquette, tile and similar building elements
  •  Drying of ceramic products
  • Drying of mineral ore, fire clay and similar granular materials
  • At the manufacturing of insulation materials
  • At the production of fertilizer
  • Drying of timber, paper and similar products
  •  Drying of soft products such as wool, cotton
  • Drying of powdered or granular chemical products such as powder detergent
  • Drying of painted products
  • Drying of grain, wood dust, coal dust
  • It is used for the drying of common salt, milk powder and similar foodstuffs.