• It takes up little space and generates economic steam in a very short time.
  • It is produced according to heavy duty conditions. It is not easily affected by the hard and turbid water.
  • It works automatically and safely operation.It has sequentially working safety system.
  • It works without more information, maintenance or supervision.
  • The colored galvanized sheet sheath of non-corrosive, non-corrosive color is passed through isolated outside of the steam generator and outside in humid environments to prevent heat loss.
  • It is a compact unit with feed water pump, water treatment unit, condensate tank and electric panel.


Drying is an ideal steam generator for garments and knitwear manufacturing shop, which requires steam in small capacities.


  • Steam generator
  •  Boiler armatures
  •  Safety systems
  • Feedwater (condensate) tanks and armatures
  • Boiler automatics
  • Automatic water softening device
  • Water filter
  •  Electric table and fitting