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Our water tube boilers are manufactured according to the European standard EN 12952. The water walls of the boiler are manufactured in a sealed manner in the style of pipe – membrane (membranewall).
Steam domes and water domes are manufactured to a sufficient size to prevent water from being dragged together with steam and to respond to sudden steam shots, and a seperator (water separator) is placed in the steam dom.


The used seamless water pipes of sufficient thickness are used in accordance with EN 10028-2 standard.
1 mm thick trapezoid profile is covered with galvanized sheet on ceramic wool of sufficient thickness outside of the boiler.


SOLID FUEL OR FURNITURE WATER PIPE BOILERS WHICH BURN COMBUSTIBLE INDUSTRIAL REMAINS; Spiral screw is made of stator, fixed or movable ladder with grating, pneumatic, burning system.
It is manufactured on solid fuel or solid + natural gas or fuel oil type on demand.